using PC internet on android phone

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I am writing this post to help you to overcome from this situation. But one and only limitation of this trick is that you should have rooted android phone and if you have rooted phone then keep reading this post. I will try to help you step by step.

Do you know this technique of using PC internet on android phone is known as Reverse Tethering. So lets start reverse tether your android phone.

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tricks for Windows 7 users ..

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Windows 7 may be Microsoft’s most anticipated product ever. It builds on Windows Vista’s positives, and eliminates many of that OS’s negatives. It adds new functionality, too—all in a package that is less resource-hungry than its predecessor.
And whether or not you're upgrading from Vista or skipping it altogether and moving up from Windows XP, you'll need to know how to make the most of it in your environment. Here are 77 tips and tricks to get you there.
1. Pick Your Edition. Most business users do not need the more expensive Ultimate Edition; stick with Professional unless you specifically need BitLocker.

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