10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata

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Though Mahabharata has crossed many decades but still it covers  an important and interesting place in the lives of not only Indians of modern era but also of the people of other parts of present world. To make your thoughts more great about this epic, follow the below top amazing and unknown facts about Mahabharata:

abhimanyu and Vatsala Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Abhimanyu was the son- in - law of Balarama. Abhimanyu’s wife Vatsala was the daughter
of balarama.Balarama wanted that Vatsala should marry Laxman  who was Duryodhana’s son . Abhimanyu and Vatsala both loved each other and wanted to get married. Abhimanyu   took the help from his brother  Ghatotkacha . Ghatotkacha knew magic and he by his magic tricks went to Laxman’s  marrage  and terrified  the groom. He then took Vatsala with him and flew away and went to his brother Abhimanyu. Laxman was very upset from all this and he vowed that he will not marry throughout his life. Due this Duryodhana was full of anger.
yudhishthira s lie Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Yudhishthira had never lied in his   entire life. Because of his not lying quality Yudhishthira’s chariot was always few   inches above the ground. Following the instructions of the Lord Krishna as Lord Krishna tells Yudhishthira that false is better than the truth when telling a lie saves someone’s life. At the time of battle of mahabharat, Yudhishtira lied to drone that aswathama is dead. After hearing this news Drona died. After this Yudhishthira chariot fell down to the ground at the time of war.
Krishna and Draupadi Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Draupadi in her pre-birth prayed Lord Shiva to grant her a husband with fourteen qualities. Lord Shiva were pleased with her devotion and granted her wish saying that it will be possible in her next birth with fourteen husbands. Draupadi wanted all the desired qualities in one husband. She asked Shiva was it a boon or curse. Lord Shiva said that she will be pavitra always as she will regain his virginity every morning when she took a bath. She found all these qualities in five pandavas. Yudishtar for  Dharma, Bhima for strength , Arjun for courage  and knowledge,  Nakul and Sehdev for  beauty and love.
karana death Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Four people that were responsible for Karana’s death were
1) Kunti: Kunti on telling him the truth about his birth wanted that Karan should take the side of  Pandvas. Karan was good friend of Duryodhana  so he denied her request. He promised that he would not kill anybody except Arjuna.
2) Indra – Indra had awarded Karana with Shakti which has power of completing its task. He saved this for Arjun. But on insistence of Duryodhana he had use it on Ghatotkacha.
3) Parshurama’s curse – Parshurama cursed Karan that he will not be able to use brahmastra weapon whenever he will need it very much.
4) Arjun-Arjun killed Karana with his weapon anjalika on saying of Lord Krishna.
Dropadi was taken by Jaya Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Jayadratha was married to Dushala , which was the only sister of Kaurava .One day Jayadratha saw  Draupadi   in forest and fell in love  with her .He  proposed her for marrying him but Draupadi   refused. Then he forcefully took Draupadi with her toward his kingdom. When Pandavas came , on not finding their  wife , Yudhistra ordered  Bheem and  Arjun to find her .When they  came to know about  this kidnapping, they  overpowered  him and  wanted to kill him. But Draupati told them not  to kill him as he was the husband of their cousin. So they made him slave by shaving his hair.
5 gold arrows Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
At the time of war as Bhishma who was on the side of Kaurava was accused by Duryodhana for doing any harm to Pandavas and favoring them. On hearing this Bhishma became very angry and in his anger, he took five gold arrows filled it with mantras. He vowed that the Pandvas would die before the Sunset. On the other day Duryodhana suspected that Bhisma would never do anything wrong with them so, he took those arrows with him. Lord Krishna  reminded Arjun  that Duryodhana had promised him of  boon  and he should ask him for five golden arrows .When Arjun asked him of the arrows Duryodhana was shocked and asked him how did he know about those arrows then Arjun replied “Krishna”.
Enchanting pool in mahabharata Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
On day all the pandavas were searching a goat after sometime the goat vanished. All the pandavas were very thirsty. Sehdev climbed a tree and saw a pool. Yudhishthir send Nakul to bring some water when he went there a voice came from the sky.it said that before drinking the water you must answer my questions. Nakul ignored the voice and drank the water .After some time he fell down lifeless. When Nakul did not return for a long time Yudhishthir became concerned and sends his other brothers one after other. When no one returned he himself went there.Same thing happened to him also when he started drinking water again the same voice came but Yudhishthir agreed to answer his question. He answered all the questions correctly and saved his brothers.
arjun sat near krishna Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
Before the war started Arjun and Duryodhana both went to Lord Krishna home to Dwarka so as to take help from them. Lord Krishna were sleeping at the time they came so, they decided to wait. Duryodhan first entered the room and sat near the Krishna’s head and Arjun stood near Krishna’s feet with his hands closed. When Krishna woke up he saw Arjun first and decided to go listen to Arjun first but Duryodhan said that he was one who came first so they should go with Kauravas.
On this Krishna said they will help the both. They kept themselves on one side and their entire army on the other side. Krishna said that they first saw Arjun so Arjun should decide and also he is the younger one and according to dharma younger should be given high priority to decide. He chose Lord Krishna and Duryodhana became very happy as he wanted Lord krishna’s army not Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna later became the sarathi of Arjun.
Krishna breaking his promise Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
During   the  battle  of  Mahabharata  Lord  Krishna promised  that  they will  not  raise  any  weapon  on the other  hand  Bhisma promised that he will  kill either   kill  Arjun  or  will  make  Lord Krishna  to break  his promise. At the time of battle  as Bhisma  was more  powerful  than Arjun  he   shot  an arrow  and  cut  Arjun’s  armor   alone with his gandiva bow . After that  Bhisma tried to  kill  Arjun   with his arrow . Arjun had become powerless. When  Bhisma  was  about  to kill Arjun  with his arrow Lord Krishna could not    see  their  devotee  Arjun in trouble  so they  came out of their  chariot and  jumped  into  the  battle field  and punished Bhism  for doing  this. Arjun tried his best to stop them but Lord Krishna said that I can break my promise if I have to save my Devotee.
duryodhana and draupadi Top 10 Unknown Facts about Mahabharata
One day when Duryodhana was seeing Pandavas palace .He was stunned to see their palace as it was full of illusions. There was a wall which looked just like a door. Duryodhana thought it is a door he tried to enter in it but he hurt himself .There was glass which looked just like a pool, he thought that it is pool and tried to enter it but he fell down. Duryodhana then went to a place which looked like a floor when he stepped on it, it was a pool and he fell into the pool. On seeing this Pandavas wife Draupadi starting laughing and gave a bad comment.She said that “A blindman’s son is also blind”. Duryodhana did not liked this .He became angry and vowed that he will take payback to this. He went to his uncle and narrated him everything and said that he wanted to steal that place from Pandavas. His uncle said that he will help him in this. From that day they started making plans for taking from them their palace.