Best Religious Books in the World

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Religion Books are a very important part of the life for almost all the people. Different religions have different definitions for God, have different concepts about the origin of this world, have different opinion about the lifestyles, and have different methods and ways of living. All these issues are described in their respective religion books or Holy books. These books are sacred and are never disrespected, in fact, these books are worshiped  The religion books, apart from the teaching about God,
also tell us about the history and the type of world during the ancient times. With changing times, the writings in the books have remained unchanged and as Holy and pure as ever. These books help us and our minds in times of moral dilemmas. Top 10 best religious books are: 

#10] Quran:
koran 300x240 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
Quran is the most sacred and Holy book of Islamic religion.  It is written in 114 chapters which are preaching and emphasizing in the belief in God. The texts in this religious book are about the religious way of living of Muslims, their social and religious rules and ethics, their moral lifestyle, etc. The book is supposed to be written during the lifetime of Muhammad. But the printed texts were produced after AD 650. The book is in Arabic language and translations in a lot of languages are found now-a-days.
#9] The New Testament:
new testament 237x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
This is the second main division of the Holy Bible. This portion consists of total 72 books and these books contain all the texts about Christianity. The contain the sayings and teaching of Lord Jesus, his complete life story, his work, his death and about the resurrection day which is now celebrated in the form of Easter festival. The New Testament includes the ceremony and rituals for the non-believers and procedure for converting the religion through the Baptism ceremony and blessings. The main aim of this book is to spread Christianity. The book was written in A.D. 100 which means it was written after more than 70-90 years from Christ’s death.
#8] The Old Testament:
old testament 224x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
The Holy Bible is in two divisions. The first division of the sacred Bible is known as the Old Testament. Old Testament is also the sacred text of Judaism. It is written in three parts out of which the first part is based on Law, also called Torah or Pentateuch. The Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy are the five books under Old Testament. The book contains description about the origination of the world we live in, the relations that are found in this world and the codes/rules that decides and handles the religious thoughts, beliefs and teachings. It contains two prophets who are known as Latter and Former prophets. The book also has stories of bravery of the kings, wars, heroes and explains the history about those times.
#7] Talmud:
talmud 199x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
Judaism follows Talmud as the sacred religious book. The word Talmud is from the Hebrew language and it means ‘learning’. Torah is the primary holy book of Judaism and after that, Talmud is followed. It contains “six orders” that explains the oral laws of this religion, Judaism. Because the book contains “six orders”, therefore, it is also popularly known as “Shas” which, in Hebrew language, is abbreviated from Shisha Sedarim or “six orders”. The Talmud was fundamentally written in two parts; first one being Mishnah – describing oral laws in Judaism and the second one being Gemara – describing Mishnah and elaborating it. Talmud is a very long book containing more than 6200 pages and divided in 63 tractates.
#6] Tao-te-ching:
Tao-te-ching is known by many names such as Dao De Jing or Laozi. This is one of the Chinese sacred texts which are as old as 6 BC and is believed to be written by Laozi who was a saint. They were originally written in Chinese and were later translated in many languages. The Tao TeChing was translated in English in the 19th century. This text was then spread all over East Asia in large amount and with great enthusiasm. It then became one of the most translated literature works in world’s history. The text is basically part of Taoism if seen both religious aspects and philosophical fundamentals. The text was at first interpreted using Daoist words and Daoist concepts. This text was used for inspiration by many painters, poets, writers, calligraphers, and everyone else. In total, it contains 81 chapters describing about life and its way to live in great detail and with perfect words.
#5] Five Classics:
5 classics 300x224 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
The Five Classics are very popular worldwide. These documents were written far back in history even before 300 BC. This book is listed among the most ancient books in China’s history of literature. The book is the holy book of Confucianism. The book teaches about the beliefs and preaching of Confucius. The Five Classics also explains about the historic lifestyle, living situations of the great kings and heroes of that period, the fights and wars of those decades, etc. It, originally, contained about the description of God and His importance. These Five Classics are believed to be edited by the great Confucius himself, or either He commented or compiled parts of these books. The names off the Five Classics are: Classic of Poetry, Book of Documents, Book of Rites, Classic of Changes, Spring and Autumn Annals.
#4] Upanishads:
upanishads 202x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
Upanishads are very sacred writings in Hindu religion. The final part of Vedas is Upanishad. In total, there are 112 Upanishads known in Hindu religion. The Upanishads are those writings that describe and teach about the internal pure soul and its relationships, also known as Brahman with Atman. Upanishads have texts regarding yoga which is very popular these days. It also mentions Vedic sacrifices and there necessity. Upanishads were written during the 19th century but the source is varying. Upanishads are sometimes known by the name Vedanta. This is because they explain the role of Vedas and their importance in our lives.
#3] Veda:
vedas 300x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
Vedas are the sacred religious books in the Hindu Religion. Vedas are very ancient religious texts. They contain a large collection of hymns and prayers. These prayers are those that describe the real God as per the Hindu religion. There are four main Vedas found in the history of Hindus. They are: Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda. The Vedas are very ancient and were written back in 100 B.C to 500 B.C. this makes the Vedas to be counted among the most ancient religion writings. The Hindus treat these Vedas as the source of knowledge. These writings have a very detailed description about the real meaning of the Almighty God.
#2] Tripitakas:
tripitaka 300x203 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
This term in Sanskrit means three baskets. This is the religion book representing Buddhism. This book is popularly known as a Basket of teaching from Buddha. As the name says, it has three baskets or portions. The first is SuttaPitaka, second is VinayaPitaka, and the last one is AbhidhamaPitaka. This religion book is mainly carried in China as china has many followers of Buddhism. The book teaches about the relation or the link between a person’s external soul and the internal soul. The term basket is used to refer to the sculptures of the time period of Buddha.
#1] Bhagavad Gita:
bhagvat gita 219x300 Top 10 Best Religious Books in the World
This is the most popular religious book in the world. This is the holy book of Hindus and this religion has the largest population in the world. Thus this is the religious book which is most widely read, printed and sold. The book is basically about the Indian Lord Krishna and Arjuna who was a talented prince. The book is written ion the form of dialogues between the two where Arjuna is the who is asking questions, is confused, and is in trouble and Lord Krishna is answering to his questions, solving his problems and teaching him the values of life. The book tells us about the unity of god the way to achieve it. Krishna, in the book, speaks the Bhakti, Karma and Knowledge, together, will bring you closer to God. This book was written around 200 B.C to A.D. 200.