how to run android apps on pc

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In this post I’m going to show you how to use free software called BlueStack . It is app player for windows where you can run all your favorite android apps on your pc .
1) Download and Install BlueStacks
2) You can download and use any android apps and run it on your pc. If you’re looking for specific app
, click on App search and type specific app in the search bar . Click on it and download+installing process will begin .
3) Once you finished the installing app you’ll be able to run it. Just click the app icon .
How to sync your Android phone with PC
BlueStacks lets you sync apps, photos and SMS messages between your phone and PC? Here’s how:
1) If you want to sync your Android phone with PC. Go to Settings and click on Cloud Connect .
2) Set up your BlueStack account
3) Install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app from the Android Market to your phone.
4)Open the app and pair your phone with your PC by typing in your PIN:
5)Select whether or not you want to receive SMS messages simultaneously on your PC via BlueStacks . Click “Login” and you are done!