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10. Star & Style

star and style 233x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Another Bollywood magazine that not only focuses on the celeb’s life but it will also tell you about the latest fashion and beauty tips. It is a monthly magazine and is published since 1971. This magazine has articles about the link- ups, gossips, new movies released in Bollywood.

9. Rave Bollywood Magazine

rave magazine 218x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Rave is a film Entertainment music with the blend of art and news about the film industry. The music lovers ought to buy this magazine. It has news about all the leading singers, the list of the hit songs, lives of famous stars and the most amazing part is that it also contains food recipes for your mum. The writers of the magazine do not criticize the other people or art unlike the other magazines. A single issue of this magazine will cost you Rs 40 and with such a good picture quality with glazed paper, this is the amount worth paying.

8. Mayapuri

mayapuri 225x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Mayapuri published every week is also among the oldest film magazines published in India. The magazine is sold in 3, 40,000 number every week all around India. The first magazine of Mayapuri was published in the year 1974. It was published by the Mayapuri Group. This magazine was a big hit among the people when it was launched. Since that time this weekly magazine has provided the crazy Bollywood lovers information about the celebrities and the news about film industry. More focused on the film gossip there are now 30, 60,000 people reading this magazine on a weekly basis. This magazine can be found at any place ranging from a barber shop to a 5 star hotel. Due to its cheap price it is affordable by even the lower sections of the society.

7. Screen

screen 229x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Screen is a weekly published Bollywood entertainment magazine. The publishing of this magazine is owned by The Indian Express Ltd. The headquarters are located in Mumbai and is published only in English language. The content of this magazine is all about the latest news of Bollywood. It also sponsors the Star Screen Award. As the name, this magazine focuses more about the on- screen activities than concentrating on the personal lives of the people related to the film industry. For one copy of this magazine you have to just pay Rs 10. You will find writ ups about the latest film released, its reviews, new music and premiers. The film to be released the next becomes the cover page of this magazine.

6. Zee Premier

zee premier 242x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Unlike most of the Bollywood magazines Zee Premier is not focused on the gossip of film industry which goes with its tagline “No Gossip”. The magazine is been read by people in India since last 30 years. This is a monthly published magazine under the editorship of Rauf Ahmed. Some of the famous sections in the magazine are Friends that focuses on the real life friends of the stars, Four wall which have write-ups and pictures of celebs at home etc.  There is a pullout of 16 pages on a particular star every month that have a poster along with the personal and professional life of the star.

5. Cine Blitz

cineblitz 217x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Cine Blitz, a monthly film magazine is based in the film city of India i.e. Mumbai. The first issue of this magazine was published in the year 1975 with stunning actress Zeenat Aman on its cover page. Cine Blitz was initially owned by Russy Karranjia’s Rifa Publication and is currently owned by VJM Media Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading Bollywood magazines due to the controversy it faced during the starting years of its publications. This magazine is not only sold in India but there are editions of it in United Kingdom as well as in United States. Published both in Hindi as well as English the content of the magazine is all about the lives of celebs, gossips and the on- going projects in the film industry.

4. Stardust

stardust 230x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Stardust is an Indian film magazine. This magazine is published every month in English as well as Hindi. This magazine sponsors Stardust Awards too. It is published in Mumbai by a publishing company by the name Magna Publishing Co. Ltd. You will find write-ups in the magazines related to the gossips, link-ups, break-ups, fashion and news about the new movies and new stars. The person who started the publishing of this magazine is Nari Hira. It was first launched in the year 1971 but was not very popular during that time. The magazine came into hype and gained much popularity after the year 1995. Shobha De. was the recognized editor and journalist of this magazine who brought this magazine at the forefront.  There are 288000 circulations of this magazine in India.

3. ShowTime

showtime 230x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Film industry is the most glamorous and happening part in any society. Showtime has been a popular magazine among the Bollywood lovers as this magazine provides them with news and information of what all is happening new in the Bollywood. You can see many famous big screen stars as well as television actors on the cover page of this magazine. It was first published in the year 1964. It has write- ups about fashion, Bollywood gossips and news of Indian cinema.

2. Movie mag

movie mag 224x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
This is a monthly published film magazine though published for the NRIs settled in UK; it is also sold in many parts in India itself. There are particular segments in this magazine that jot down some hot gossips and new topics of the industry. The main aim of publishing this magazine is to help the NRIs to be in touch with the Bollywood. There are pages having titles like Celebrity Circus, Claws, Cover Story, Soapz and Buublez. These pages have particular news in them like the celebrity circus page covers about a particular event of Bollywood and claws where you can read about the gossip of Bollywood.

1. Filmfare

filmfare 221x300 Top 10 Best Bollywood Gossip Magazines
Though the magazine is not published weekly but you can enjoy reading it once in two weeks. This is among the first published magazines based on Indian Film industry. It is published in only English language. Filmfare magazine was first published in the year 1952. It is issued by The Times Group. This media service has published many other magazines other than the once related to the Indian cinema like The Economic Times and The Times of India. Its headquarters are based in Mumbai. This magazine sponsors two different award one for Hindi movies i.e. Filmfare awards and the other for the movies in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil i.e. Filmfare Awards South. The publishing of this magazine is now owned by the Worldwide Media. There are 1.4 lakhs circulation of this magazine in India. This magazine contains segments about the latest fights in the industry, gossips about the actors and actress, reviews of the released movies, news about the new movies that will be released, photo shoots of renowned celebs of the industry and news about the new stars, directors, singers etc.