Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes

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Planet earth is a super creation, while the creation of human is an extraordinary work and its in human’s nature to dream of having powers to reach more higher and powers which can make him more better than the other. We humans like to create things and see which we most desire be it constructive or destructive, depending on the individual mentality.

A Super Hero is someone possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers and sometimes with magical skills. Well, though there are no such superheroes in reality, every young mind is made up of these fiction stories of Super heroes and for some they are a real addiction because these stories have been one of the most interesting fiction stories with fascinating characters.
Most of the famous Super heroes are created or owned by Marvel comics and DC Comics and they have been the best comic books providers. Some of these characters are also been an important character for Television series as well as some best movies. There are many superheroes making the young minds as well as the adult comic readers enthralled with stories but a few are world famous and most read and viewed. Some children even prefer to imitate these superhuman, although it is always safe to remind them that these are only fiction characters, because we surely do not anyone to jump from a building to fly like superman, or try to crawl on a wall. Some of the most powerful superheroes are,

10. Aquaman

Aquaman Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
The name itself talks about this superhero who lives in aqua and who rules the aqua kingdom. Aquaman is a superhero comic book character introduced by the DC Comics. Like all other superhero, he too possess super talents and magical skills. The character was created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and appeared for the first time in More Fun Comics #73 September 1941. Aquaman was actually known as Arthur Curry who is a son of Tom Curry and Atlanna a water breathing outcast from the lost, underwater Atlantis. Aquaman realizes his powers in a very young age that he got powerful abilities and he can breath in water and stay in water as long as he liked. He could even talk to the fishes and communicate with other sea creatures as well. His father marries a normal human woman after the death of Atlanna and has another son who turns against to aquaman for being jealous of Arthur. Like all other superhero’s he too has a vulnerability of needing to be in contact with water at least once per hour else he would die. He can survive both in and out of water. Lets say he got an amphibian power as well. His half brother Orm becomes the ocean Master. Later he is voted to become the king.
Abilities: He had many powers to rule in the water and some of those were he could breath underwater, limited telepathy, swims 100 m.p.h underwater, superhuman powers such as super senses, strength, endurance, durability, reflexes, etc and his left hand is made of enchanted water which helps in healing and other magical abilities.

9. Green Lantern

Green Lantern Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
Green Lantern is a name of a group of super men who are all given power from a ring and is created by the DC Comics. The first Green Lantern is Alan Scott in the year 1940. Each green Lantern has a special ring which gives him a special power to face the world with strength. They were taken into the police groups known as the Green Lantern corps. Scott comes to have a Magical lamp which gives him powers and he makes a ring which gives power, and With these powers the Lanterns goes on fighting against the crime and to stop it. With super power there comes a limitation as well, and Green Lanterns cannot identify the color Yellow.
Abilities: Superhuman powers, strength, stamina, excellence speed and intelligence.

8. The Thing

The Thing 300x161 Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
Most of us have surely watched the fantastic four movie on Star Movies which comes a lot many times and know the characters quite well and The Thing first appeared in the first issue of fantastic four in the year 1961 by Marvel Universe. Though each character have unique powers of the four, The Thing has been an unique man. As awkward he felt about his rock like body, sure he is the best saver of the people. The character is a story of Benjamin Jacob Grimm who had a difficult childhood in the streets of Yancy. Later he is adopted by his uncle Jake and aunt Alyce. He finds love and affection from his new guardians and gets good education. Ben goes on with his interest to fly and becomes a pilot. His friend Reed wants to build a spaceship and while he is in the process of it the government retrieves all its funds. Reed requests Ben to become the pilot of his spaceship and testing. When they launch it along with Reed girlfriend Sue Storm, its crashes back on Earth due to cosmic rays penetrates their shielding. These radiations gives them superhuman powers and unluckily Ben is transformed into a rock like appearance. All the four along with Sue Storm brother Johnny Storm, they decide use their powers for the betterment of humanity as the fantastic four.
Abilities: excellent pilot, excellent astronaut, and super human powers.

7. Captain America

Captain America Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
The Super Hero of Marvel Comics and an American fictional character, is one of the most popular superhero’s. The character also appeared in a recent movie of Captain America: The First Avenger in the year 2011 and the 2012 movie The Avengers. The character appeared in Times Comics and was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. This character is a story of an young man known as Steve Rogers and is subjected to an experimental serum which gives him super powers in order to help the government to win the World War II. He wears a costume of American flag and carries a shield which acts as both a weapon and shield.
Abilities: Heightened peak of human, physical and mental conditions, expert acrobat and marksman, master in martial arts and shield fighter, best field commander along with other super hero powers.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
A man as strong as Iron is sure to be the most strongest and most powerful. As much as we wish to have an armor of iron which allows us to be safe from everything, its a fictional character which has enthralled us with his interesting adventures as Iron Man. Iron Man as strong with an iron armor, is also considered as a weak heart. Tony Stark who eventually becomes the Iron Man after he creates an armor of Iron for self to protect his weak and dying heart as a pacemaker, first appeared in the year 1963 by Marvel Comics. Like all other superhero’s his vulnerability was his weak heart, without the armor, iron man was just an ordinary man. In later on stories, Stark has a heart transplant and later his paralyzed state is improved with the help of microchip. So even without the armor he is a mixture of man and machine. Well-known as Cyborg by fiction-writers.
Abilities: High intelligence, cyberpathic link with his powered armor suit, supersonic flight at Mach 3, energy repulsors, missiles, regenerative life support and other super human powers. His powers are sometimes gets charged by solar power. Now that’s what a typical example for saving energy by solar consumption.

5. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
The most famous character and most liked by many young boys, the Incredible Hulk is a very famous character from the Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the year 1962. Bruce banner who eventually becomes the Hulk, was a scientist for the military who was working on a gamma bomb, a weapon of massive destructive power. To avoid a boy entering into the scientific testing area, Bruce tries pull the boy out and accidentally gets exposed to the rays of the experiment. This exposure to the rays transforms Bruce Banner into a monster Incredible Hulk. Bruce banner had been an angry man and his rage turned Hulk into a monster who went out destroying the entire New York and the world. Many other super hero’s try to stop him and find it difficult. Hence they drop him in a giant hole where he lands on the Sakaar planet. Here in this new planet he finds more peace, love and calm and even marriage. Although the ship explodes killing millions of life on this planet along with his wife leaving him back into space. He returns to earth with more rage to destroy all who were responsible for the death of his loved ones. But later he learns that it is Insectoid Meik who destroyed the ship, Hulk takes back his rage and takes Iron man help to stop Meik in destroying the world.
Abilities: Unlimited strength, power, destruction power, thunderous attacks, fastest runner with great speed.

4. Wolverine

Wolverine Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
Most of the super hero’s are a creation of Marvel Universe who have given us numerous enjoyable stories involving these characters with super powers. While the world is getting more into the existence of vampires and wolves powers its natural there be a super power human also to fight against the foe to human kind. James Howlett introduced by Marvel universe in the year 1989 turns into the super powered Wolverine. James born as a second son to his mother and is neglected most of the time because of the death of the first son, builds friendship with Rose and Dog Logan. Dog Logan grows up into vicious and against to James trying to harm both James and Rose. In an incident his mother shots herself when James father gets attacked and James shows up with his wolverine claws, and is when he experiences his powers of wolverine. Accidentally Rose dies in a fight between James and Dog Logan later on years and James run into the woods. He is first hired by Department H to fight against Incredible Hulk and so on he goes on fighting to help people.
Abilities: Regenerative healing factor, strength, stamina, super senses, Adamantium-laced skeletal structure, sharp canines, master of martial arts, samurai, spy, swordsman, fluency in many languages.

3. Batman

Batman Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
Batman is a character introduced by the DC Comics and was first appeared in Detective comics. Batman is an identity of Bruce Wayne who is an American billionaire, industrialist and philanthropist. Witnessing the murder of his parents in an young age, Wayne fights against crime in the fictional town Gotham. Batman is a very popular character since it began and so far its one of the favorites of most. Like all other superheroes he do not possess super powers.
Abilities: best intellect, detective skills, best knowledge of science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts.

2. Spider-man

Spider man Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
The most famous superhero the Spider-man has been one of the best interesting story since ages and since the first time he was introduced. Most of us enjoyed Peter Parker as a spider-man and the weekly show as well as the movies. Well, the story of how he became a spider-man is also as famous. It was fun to watch the superhero jump from wall to wall and save people in trouble. Spider-man a fictional character introduced by Marvel Comics and first appeared in the Amazing Fantasy in the year 1962. Peter Parker is a shy and well mannered teenage kid living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and one day his Uncle gets killed and peter wants to take revenge on his killer and tries to destroy the sand man. His best friend turns his foe and later they become friends again to destroy the evil powers who try to destroy the world.
Abilities: Superhuman strength, stamina, strength, regenerative healing power, ability to stick to any surface, spider web strings from his wrists.

1. Superman

Superman Top 10 Most Powerful Fictional Superheroes
We all have have enjoyed watching the superman and the way he flies, makes us want to fly like him in free sky and one of the most liked superhero is a Super Man. Super Man is a fictional character introduced by the DC Comics and first appeared in Action Comics in the year 1938. He is the most popular comic character of American comics. His costume is also as famous with blue, red cape and a stylish “S” in red and yellow color. Superman is the first top hero.
Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, freezing breath, superhuman hearing,and other super powers.