Reasons why you must Read

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As individuals we have for ourselves various hobbies that are very diversified in nature. The hobbies that we chose for ourself are very distinct. A person when he chooses a hobby he always has a reason behind it. Or hobos reflect ourself personalities and also or desires most of the time. Most of us prefer reading a hobby. Reading is considered a very intelligent hobby.  Most of the people in their free time trend to read a lot. It has been found that people who read actively often have a higher IQ than the others. With reading a person not only gets a way out in his lonely time but also gets a chance to get on touch with the world. With so many great man and women who have given their best in the field of literature and with so many extra ordinary with of creativity by so many pets and authors a reader has a wide range of choice from which he can choose whatever he wants. Many different topics and categories are existing in the world. Reading is a way to enhance your own personality and character in the simplest way. With every word reaching out conscience had its impact on us. Various incidents and experiences that are very beautifully written in the various texts tend to leave us with a huge impact and make our a learning experience. Reading as a hobby itself has many plus points. Apart from being just a hobby reading is encouraged to bring about a change in the person and h is perception toward the world.
10. Easily available
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Probably one of the reasons why reading is practised so extensively these days. Various books are written by various authors all over the world. Some renowned ones make their way to the international market. No matter which author you want you will find it in your city. No matter in which year the book was written it will be out there on the rack for sale. There are public libraries which not only lend you books but also give you a peaceful environment to read. Another great way to reach your books is getting e books. Probably every best seller out there is available over the nest free of cost for the people to enjoy reading. When books are available free of cost don’t you think that itself is a great reason to start reading.
9. Culture
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The world not only has a million people but also has millions of cultural values existing along. Each country has its own ethical values. Various festivals and various mythologies behind each festival. In all every place has its own unique colour. Most authors have tried to bring to the fore front the pros of the existing society and the cons that need to be worked on. Their broad minded thinking is reflected in their writing. People reading books from various literature get a chance to take a look at a foreign culture. We get a chance to compare our own culture with them and learn some good things from theirs. This raises the acceptance of differences among the human race. That is the reason now many different cultures are followed in one region it self. This is helping regain peace into the world.
8. Religion
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Religion is the fundamental of every human race. What differentiates us from animals is that we have faith and we have a belief to follow. It is surprising to see that all the access we have to our religion is through books. Be it the Bible , Gita , Quran etc all the books are our only insight to the religion. Reading is therefore important. Having a correct idea about your religion the dos and don’t is very important. In todays’ time where religions are being blamed and challenged at every step it is essential to know the truth yourself. Reading the holy books and other religious matter help you have better idea of your religion. Reading the holy books have proven to be a very relaxing experience for the people. So to get some more faith reading is a great option.
7. Language
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There are so many languages out there in the world. I am sure it has happened with you that you heard someone talking a language and although you did not understand it you just loved it. It is also the case with many people you intend to work in international co-operations. In such firms knowing a foreign lingo adds to your CV. If you wish to go to a foreign country than knowing to read as well write their language is important. So many dictionaries are available that translate probably every foreign language to your preferred lingo. Reading the language you want to learn helps you to get good with the language phrasing and its grammar which in turn helps you to speak better. Reading the language you already know makes you more fluent with it and adds to your vocabulary. So if you into tourism or public speaking reading is a very good way to boost your skills.
6. Experience
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In our lives we come across various situations. At times we deal with them very well and at times we make a mess out of ourselves. It is not possible to be prepared with everything and be ready for every situation. There are many books written by people based on their real life experiences. There are many counsellors writing about your issues and how to tackle them through their books. Reading such books helps to see where you stand when it comes to the complexities of life. You have a better chance to succeed in your bad times by learning from their mistakes and achievements. Their experiences help you in your life. Various blogs are there that give you advice on every issue. Reading blogs too is very beneficial. Reading helps you prepare for the difficulties that might come in the future. Your understanding can help your people as well.
5. Score good in exams
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Scoring has always been the target in exams. Be it routine exams in schools or competitive exams for a post scores are very important in a student’s life. Scoring although is not a tough job. A student needs to know the stuff to the core. Knowing the concept and understanding the needs and innovations is required to be able to write a better exam and be more productive than just mugging up. Read your stuff. Out of your books take some different author and read the theory. Over the net when you surf read what you think has relevance to you subject. Reading stores the information is your mind which you recall when you are questioned. You even learn more than what you are taught.
4. New stuff
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Reading has its added advantage in inspiring you to take take up new activities. When you read a variety of things you come across many tips and strategies that help you in day to day life. Be it the column in newspaper that gives you advice on relationship or women’s magazine giving you house hold tops reading is very beneficial. Reading helps you get new recipes, shopping trends, money saving ideas etc. If you are guy fond of gyming then reading health magazines will prove beneficial for you. Weight loss programs , child up bringing etc all is available you just need to develop the habit of reading.
3. Knowledge
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Books are full of knowledge. Internet is over flowing with all the possible stuff one would want to know. Be it history, war of independence, great inventions, medical world, space achievements , future technology etc there is every possible peace of information recorded in those books and over the net. Reading surely makes you a more knowledgeable person. What happened , when it occurred , what was the reason etc all are stated in various books.. Many writers specialize in these fact based fields and reading them is a wonderful experience. Autobiographies is another genre where you get to know all about your favourite.
2. Awareness
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A widely practised habit is of reading news papers. It is almost a routine for us forming a part of our schedules. Reading newspapers for instance makes us aware of what is going on in the world. What crime has taken place, how it was done etc is brought to light through newspapers. It helps you to be careful and protect your self from such a thing happening to you. We come to know of the current market trends which is very beneficial for share dealers. Reading news papers give you a complete picture of what is going on in the society where you live in. Reading paper must be developed as a habit by each and everyone.
1. Entertainment
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No matter how many benefits are there to reading entertainment value is by far the most accepted reason. Books are very nicely and correctly said that are a human’s best friend. Books take boredom out of your routine life. They add creativity and imagination to your personality. Be it a lonely weekend or a long journey books are there to keep you company always. With so many variety in the texts you will get saturated with reading books.