Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013

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Magazines are really important to all of us. Girls have a different taste in magazines and prefer Cosmo over the comic magazines, and boys have a different taste for magazines. Also, young teens would read M magazine whereas the adults would like something like Entertainment Weekly. So different the people, different are the choices of magazine but the stuff is always common and that is the Hollywood. Irrespective of the age and gender, people read about the celebrities they watch on the big-screen and wants to be updated about everything that is going on in the entertainment industry of Hollywood. They love to read stuff about their favorite actors and actresses. There are many magazines issued weekly or monthly, which provides us with such information. Few of the most widely read Hollywood Magazines are:
10. In Touch Weekly:
in touch wwekly 223x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
The celebrity gossip magazine, In Touch weekly is an American magazine published by Bauer Company, which is the same publishing company which publishes Life & Style magazine as well. The magazine has write-ups about the gossips, news, beauty, fashion, relationship tie-ups, breakups, lifestyle and Hollywood. The majority of the readers for this magazine are youngsters. The magazine was launched in the year 2002 and gained popularity as soon as it was in the market. The magazine is also popular because of the lower costs as compared to the other Hollywood magazines. In the year 2010, it was found that In Touch Weekly is sold at a price of $2.99 on newsstands which is $.50 less than other magazines.
9. M:
M magazine cover 228x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
M magazine is not a weekly magazine but that does not make it any less. It is a monthly issued magazine published by Bauer Publishing, US. The magazine is basically for teen-age readers. This magazine covers a lot of teen hot- topics such as fashion, hot couples in the Hollywood, gossips about Hollywood celebrities, posters, quizzes, and celebrity talks. The cover of the magazine is usually some Disney, Pop or Nickelodeon star but the magazine covers about everything. The first issue of ‘M’ magazine was released in January 2000 and has achieved to reach a total circulation of 235,935 till date. The office of the magazine is located in New Jersey and a survey in Florida tells us that one out of three teens living there do read this magazine.
8. Life and Style Magazine:
Life and Style 219x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
This magazine named Life and Style was launched by Bauer Publishing conglomerate in the year 2004. Formally, the magazine was known as Life and Style Weekly. The main focus of the magazine is toward the celebrities and their life but apart from that, the magazine also shares about the lifestyle trends. The magazine is known to help the readers to incorporate the clothing and beauty trends of the celebrities into their own life. The publishers of the ‘Life and Style’ magazine and ‘In Touch Weekly’ magazine are the same. ‘In touch weekly’ is a similar magazine but focus only on celebrity gossips whereas Life and Style focuses on gossips as well as the latest lifestyle trends.
7. OK! :
ok magazine cover february 2013 220x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
‘OK!’ is a British magazine issued weekly and known for having celebrity news. The stories about Hollywood and those all associated with it can be found in this magazine. Originally, this magazine was a monthly edition but now it is a weekly issued magazine since October 2006. The magazine was first published in 1993 and has 20 versions of it each version for every different country. It has a readership of 30 million people all over the world. OK! Is most popularly read celebrity magazine and is one of the best Hollywood magazines. It is so because the magazine has great articles about the celebrity nuptials. Brand ‘OK!’ has extended by having a programme broadcasted on television by the name ‘OK! TV’.
6. Star:
star magazine 21st january 2013 221x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
Star is an American magazine but in newspaper format or tabloid format which was founded in 1974 by Rupert Murdoch. In its original days, Star was simply a supermarket tabloid, inexpensive and unstapled newspaper print but was very successful and had a lot of readers. It was after 2004, when Star adopted the magazine format and involved high-grade paper quality. Though, it adopted the magazine look, the columns still remain the newspaper tabloid style, and include sections for “Worst of the Week” that discusses about fashion blunders done by the celebrities and “Knifestyles of Rich and Famous” which discusses about the plastic surgery and makeovers of the celebrities.
5. US Weekly:
us weekly 25 february 2013 214x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
Another Hollywood Magazine is US Weekly that publishes content about the celebrities, their relationships, fashion trends, beauty trends and entertainment. The magazine has a circulation of more than 1.85 million copies. This magazine was founded in 1977 and sold in 1980 by The New York Times Company and was later acquired in 1986 by Wenner Media. There are many signature issues of US Weekly per year and those include “The Best Makeovers”, “the Best Bodies”, “Hot Hollywood” and “Celebrating Young Hollywood”, etc. Initially it was a bi-monthly magazine but as it gained popularity, it became a weekly issue due to the demand in March 2000.
4. People:
People Magazine Cover January 16 2013 223x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
People (formally, People Weekly) is an American Magazine that publishes about celebrities and articles of human interest. The magazine has on an average more than 46.6 million adult readership. In the year 2005, the Advertising age titled this magazine as the magazine of the year. The content of the magazine is highly appreciated, especially when it comes to advertising and circulation. The most unique and best part about People magazine is that it issues some special attractive editions every year which attracts a lot of audience, such as “The Best Dressed”, “The Sexiest Man Alive” and “The Most Beautiful People”. The magazine had its bureau at New York, Austin, Chicago, Miami, London and Los Angeles but after 2006, all those bureaus, except at Los Angeles, were shut down because of economic reasons.
3. Entertainment Weekly:
entertainment weekly 233x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
It is an American Magazine for television, music, films, books, theater  culture, etc. Entertainment Weekly or EW is the best magazine if one wants to be updated about everything that is going on in Hollywood, with the celebrities of Hollywood, and current updates about the same. The difference between this magazine and other celebrity magazines is that the EW focuses on entertainment news and involves critics and their reviews. It covers topics such as production costs, movie gross, budgets, ratings, etc. The first issue of EW was released on 16 February, 1990 created by and has now reached an average of 1.7 million copies per week making it the bestselling magazine. Founder of EW is David Morris who was also the publisher for the same till 2007 and the creator of EW is Jeff Jarvis.
2. Variety:
daily variety 251x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
Variety is the name of the weekly magazine founded by Sime Silverman in the year 1905. This is an American magazine focused on entertainment and trade. ‘The Daily Variety’ was an extension to it that was solely focused on the motion-picture industry of the west, the Hollywood. Later, to further extent the brand name of ‘Variety’, a paid website named ‘’ was initiated. This web portal has news and contents about the box office results, reviews, archives, production charts, release calendar, etc. The magazine is widely circulated and is very famous because of the circulation of Daily Variety, weekly Variety and also the website.
1. The Hollywood Reporter:
the hollywood reporter 224x300 Top 10 Best Hollywood News Magazines 2013
Completely and solely focused on Hollywood motion picture industry, this magazine justifies its name. The Hollywood Reporter was founded in the year 1930 in America and since then, it has served the people with Hollywood breaking news. The brand name Hollywood Reporter covers a lot apart from the magazine such as the website, a digital daily in PDF format, iPad app, seasonal special issues, international newsletters, festival dailies, special events, reports, glossies, etc. The publisher of this magazine is Lynne Segall from US. Originally, it started as a daily trade paper on the entertainment industry but later grew as one of the bestselling Magazines about the Hollywood Entertainment industry. The magazine is very popular which can be seen as it has achieved “largest distribution” out of all the entertainment magazines, even beating ‘Variety’ in the score.